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We are often asked whether or not a small business benefits from digital marketing. Often smaller companies are concerned about the cost involved in marketing their business. My answer is always a resounding yes. I will give you 3 quick reasons why your business will benefit from online marketing.
No 1 - More and more people are searching online for a product or service. Yes you may be doing well right now and you may be getting those word of mouth referrals and that is fantastic. However the problem is you always going to be leaving money on the table by not being online. With cell phones, mobile sites, etc, meaning you missing out on some good paying clients - people with cash in their hands ready to buy.
No 2 - The cost is relatively low! A average website will cost you around $75 per month and works 24/7/365. Think about the alternatives? Is there anyone or anything else that will work for you 24/7/365 for $75 per month? And if you get just 1 client and get a decent sale it pays for itself right?
No 3 - Sales is simply a numbers game the more people you reach the more likely you are to make a sale. The more people you reach the more likely you are to find high end clients. The normal word of mouth referrals are usually referring to you because you relatively cheap and offer a relatively good service. That means you always going to be cutting deals at lower cost to make ends meet when you could be winning better paying clients online!

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