Lost & Found

A black and white gelding was lost around 6:00 Thursday, August 17 between Hwy 302 east and Russtan Road. He was saddled at the time. Please call 306-9615721 or 306-961-8024.

Found on highway - hydraulic post tamper. If you can describe the tool and where it was lost please call 306-764-3275.

If you lost this off your truck please call me with the description of contents. Call during the day or early evening 306-940-7416 ask for Brian

Bike was stolen from my back yard. They scaled my fence and got in. Then unlocked my gate and took off

Found black LG cell phone on 2nd ave west by Mohawk. To claim identify the picture on the lock screen.

Dropped a 70/80 gal storage tank water heater off the box of my work truck between evergreen Nissan and holy cross school. Taking marquis drive. Was in a large cardboard box. Reward offered! Please call 3069814585.

FOUND RING Message: I found a RING on the 600 block of 28th Street East, Prince Albert. If you can describe it and approximate place on the 600 block, I will happily return it.

Dog found (downtown by P.A. Alarm Systems) you can call (306) 953-4222 for assistance. I was worried about the poor guy, so I helped him out. (There was no name tag)