CMR Mobile Security Personnel

Mobile Security (6 positions)

Unless otherwise specified
Rotating Shift
8:30 a.m. – 8:30 p.m.
Two (2) 15-minute breaks
One half hour (1/2) hour unpaid lunch break
11 hours a day/night

To provide a visual presence, enhancing public safety by encouraging and assisting offenders to become law abiding citizens. To have a safe and secure community to prevent possible vandalism and/or other illegal activities in and around the community of Montreal Lake Cree Nation.

1. Conduct initial and random hourly security checks to the following buildings:

 C&D Arena
 Senator Gilbert Bird Building (Band Office)
 Senator Allan Bird Memorial School
 Quonset (located behind band office)
 Water Treatment Plants
 Fire Hall/Maintenance Building
 William Charles Health Center
 Early Childhood Learning Centre (Daycare/Head Start)
 Montreal Lake Child and Family Agency
 Nick Bird Memorial Building (Public Works/Housing)
 St. Joseph’s Anglican Church
 Nursing units
 Teacher units

2. Secure premises by patrolling property, monitoring equipment, inspecting buildings and access points:

 Conduct perimeter checks on all building listed above
 Check all buildings and vehicles to ensure doors and windows are locked and there is no damage to either
 Observe for signs of crime or disorder and investigate disturbances pertaining to MLCN/MLCFA property

3. Conduct road blocks when needed at the four-way on Highway 969:

 Stop all vehicles entering or driving through the Montreal Lake Cree Nation
 Take descriptions of vehicles and passengers (name of people in vehicle, type of vehicle, license plate and time)
 Any visitors to MLCN will be asked why they are here and for how long
 Report to the RCMP any drivers under the influence
 Report any immediate disturbances/violations to the Security Supervisor, or in an emergency, contact the RCMP

4. Assist emergency responders to emergencies such as missing person(s), major accidents and/or incidents/deaths and house fires to provide crowd control.

5. Maintain a safe and secure environment:

 Escort unauthorized personnel off the premises, under no circumstance shall unauthorized personnel be on the premises
 Notify appropriate individuals in the event of accidents, attacks, or other incidents
 Security personnel will not assist in any domestic disputes, accidents, fires, etc.

6. Enforcing the community curfew for any person(s) under the age of 16 between the hours of 11:00 p.m. – 6:00 a.m.

 Document who, where and when
 Offences:
o Children will be escorted home by security (given rides home)
o Children are taken home by Security and parents are informed of RCMP involvement (security will inform RCMP once drop off is made of incident)
o RCMP will escort children home
o Children and family are referred to on-call worker for MLCFA for further investigation

7. Update security logs daily:

 Start of each shift make note of all buildings, windows, doors, damages to building, and at the end of each shift, report on any changes
 Report in detail any suspicious incidents
 Report high traffic houses that may be involved in illegal activities
 Write reports of daily activities and irregularities, such as equipment or property damage, theft, presence of unauthorized persons, or unusual occurrences
 At the end of each shift/day, submit security log booklet in person to the Security Supervisor

8. Ensure work area and vehicle is clean and tidy after every shift.

9. Adhere to all Policy and Procedures Manual as established by the MLCFA Board of Directors

10. Under no circumstance are you allowed to:

 Give any person(s) access to any of buildings unless personally notified by the Security Supervisor (including employees)
 Smoke in the buildings or company vehicles
 Enter any homes or other vehicles
 Answer phone calls in any buildings

11. Should an illegal event take place during your shift, and further investigation take place, you may be asked to testify in court or act as a witness in criminal cases

12. Security does not respond to the following:

 any domestic abuse calls, house party disturbances
 give rides to community members to and from A to B (not a taxi service)
 Look for children(s) or youths for parents, direct parents call the RCMP detachment immediately

13. Perform other duties as requested.


 May be placed in conflict situations, must be on constantly on alert for any threats to themselves and the community they are protecting
 Will be working shift work, which will be late nights, early mornings and weekends.
 Volume of work is periodically high, must have the ability to work in a high stress environment
 Employee may have to report members/visitors who are personally well known to them to the RCMP
 May on occasion deal with people who may become physically violent
 Often challenging and requires stress management and coping and debriefing skills
 Must coordinate a stressful workload, set priorities for tasks, deal with the public in person and on the phone


 Security Guard Certificate or at least one (1) year relevant experience in a security position
 First Aid/CPR and WHIMIS certificates an asset
 Valid Class 5 Drivers Licence required
 Must be physically fit and able to lift 50 - 200 pounds
 Ability to remain calm during a crisis – does not allow emotions to get in the way, does not take things personally, stays positive, responds decisively.
 Knowledge of Montreal Lake Cree Nation, MLCFA and the community’s culture, beliefs and traditional lifestyles
 Ability to maintain professionalism at all times
 Self-motivated and able to take direction
 Deal with the general band membership in a cordial manner
 Attend staff, and monthly security personnel meetings when required
 Must be prepared to sign and adhere to the MLCFA Code of Ethics
 Computer literacy with particular proficiency in Microsoft Office applications
 Must be willing to work evenings and weekends
 Ability to work as a team player and independently
 Self-motivated, flexible, dependable and innovative
 Ability to problem-solve and resolve conflict
 Excellent interpersonal and written communication skills as well as organizational and time management skills
 Must be a positive role model and live a healthy lifestyle by refraining from activities that may bring discredit to the Montreal Lake Child and Family Agency Inc. (public intoxication, drug abuse, abuse against others etc.)
 Not be actively involved with a First Nations Child and Family Agency or Department of Social Services as a client receiving family services or child protection services
 Must maintain confidentiality
 Must have a valid driver’s licence and access to a reliable vehicle
 Satisfactory CPIC and Vulnerable Sector Check
 Willingness to work in both Montreal Lake 106A and Little Red 106B


 the below requirements must be submitted at the time of application for further consideration, NO EXCEPTIONS.
 Cover letter outlining your interest, skills and abilities in the position you are applying for
 Resume with 3 professional reference letters
 Current CPIC and Vulnerable Sector Check (may be presented at time of interview)
 Copy of valid Driver’s Licence
 Copy of any other certification that relates to the position of interest

While we appreciate all of those that are interested in working with the Montreal Lake Child and Family Agency Inc., we will only be contacting eligible applicants for an interview. Salary will be based on education and experience as per the MLCFA Inc. salary grid.

Please submit all required documentation to:
Neeyanna Nelson, Human Resource Officer
F: 306 663 5099 E: nnel[email protected]
DEADLINE: MAY 13, 2019

Montreal Lake Child and Family Agency Inc. Montreal Lake, SK S0J1Y0